Warm number

「冰冷的數字不能衡量熾熱的生命」曾德成。2020.12.28 年終回顧
「冰冷疫情數字無法傳遞的震撼景象」HK01標題2020.05.16 新冠
「冰冷的數字埋藏了多少心酸故事」。CUHK University Press
「冰冷的數字本身沒有意義,唯有解讀數字背後的故事」。蔡永忠HAS Link 2019.07

為何數字是冰冷?100ºC 是否也是冰冷?為何沒有人形容文字為冰冷?例如:冰冷的中文。數字和文數基本上可謂是符號,看見「冰冷」一詞使人有感覺,看見「肆拾柒」就不會有任何感覺,是這樣嗎?


數字豈會冰冷,數字給我們希望,就如,the protective efficacy of Sinovac is a bit more than 50%, and the Pfizer/BioNTech is more than 90%. You feel good and safe after taking a jab not because of the sting but because of the number.

Mar 03, 2021

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Life is a gift from above, and it's too short to waste. I like to read to learn new things to understand the mystery and to do problem solving. However, my mind is just a bit too small, so I would like enjoy Belgium chocolate ice-cream!!!
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