Shameful government

Never think that I will live under the rule of Totalitarian who governs its people with any means but kindness and integrity. The government let people drift in fear of unemployment so that they will not say no to any policy which can let them to earn their bread and butter. No matter what the government require, they just follow even loss some dignity, privacy and freedom. When people are in hunger, they do not have any power to negotiate. The poor cannot ask blame anyone except themselves. What make them stay humble?

Just because there is no stork dropped you on third base with a silver spoon in your mouth, you will not image you hit a triple. (p.285)

為何權力可以這樣恐怖?政府把人餓得饑不擇食,下令「所有」人(權貴例外)都要記下自己的行踪,用個apps,改過好聽的名人,騙盡全世界。「安心出行」(要研究譴詞用語如何imprint 一種觀感在人心)。因疫情之名,加上要搵食,做買賣,沒有多少平民可以抗拒,這樣,大多數人漸漸被馴養,任憑權貴的監控。還要餐廳代勞,強制別人download and install apps. 為何社會變得這樣不健康?失去管理者與人民之間彼此制衡,只有上有政策下有對策的互騙,人人缺乏尊重對方私人空間。社群不再以關心別人安危來自保,而是控制別人來保障自己。
從來(這是我們take it for granted, 這是我一向享有基本權利),我們有自由進出各公共場,不須要你留下姓名電話,沒有人要強迫你留下行踪,但是,政權奪了我們的自由,強行使人去監管,公共圖書管的工作員變成守衛,忽然間有種權力上身般似的。這是可怖人性的誘發,做個小隊長手握控制人進出的權力。政權利用市民,以市民鬥市民,守門的食肆職員跟不願屈服之客人的衝突。更可怖,在報章的圖片中,一個小朋友很是高與的拿著並展示scanned code 的手機畫面,也許覺得這個小玩意很有趣。這樣,自小就以為往哪裡去都要scan code,漸漸成了他們的second nature.


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Life is a gift from above, and it's too short to waste. I like to read to learn new things to understand the mystery and to do problem solving. However, my mind is just a bit too small, so I would like enjoy Belgium chocolate ice-cream!!!
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